Commission Prayer Partners

With the belief that God is at work through the prayers of believers, an important aspect of the Commission’s work is to set up a system to encourage prayer during the entire process.

  • Commissioner Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, will lead the prayer efforts.

  • Prayer support will be sought from three broad sources:

    1. Board and Commission members: Both the ECFA board and Commission members will be asked to consistently, on both a personal and corporate level, support the Commission’s efforts in prayer.

    2. ECFA members: ECFA members have been asked to include and incorporate prayer concerns of the Commission within the existing prayer structures of the member organizations. Participating organizations will be listed as part of a prayer support team on the Commission website.

    3. Other organizations and individuals: You may participate in this prayer effort by clickin on the "Sign up to be a Commission Prayer Partner" link below.

  • Sign up to be a Commission Prayer Partner

  • Prayer Requests for the Commission’s Work